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Key Points When Buying a Surfboard Leash

An ultimate surfing experience comprises many aspects including safety on the water. Some people prefer “roapless riding” but you don’t want to take risks. A surfboard leash enhances safety so you will not worry about ditched surfboards, have safe duck dives, and even surf more. It is recommended whether you are a beginner or you have been surfing for many years. When it comes to buying a surfboard leash, you should be keen to avoid purchasing a low quality product because they are not made the same. There are several beliefs, some of which are contradictory about surfboard leashes, and you may not have a clear picture of what to especially if you are an absolute beginner. Below is a comprehensive discussion on the things you should know about surfboard leashes, and ways through which you can buy the best for a better surfing experience.

One important thing you should prioritize when buying a surfboard leash is the length. Your safety should not be compromised. The last thing you want to wish for is to be hit with your surfboard. Therefore, the right leash should not be shorter than the board for enhanced safety especially in case of an accident. For a new surfer, the right leach should be at least one foot longer that the board. On the other hand, in case your are in control of your board, the ideal length should be about 6 uncles longer. This depends on the intensity of the waves as well. A longer leash is ideal when surfing bug waves because you will experience a greater drag. Such information should be available on the description of the leash. It can be referred as cord length, depending on the manufacturer.

You also need to pay attention to the thickness of the leash. For a greater drag, go for a thicker leash because it will not easily snap, and it will serve you for a longer duration. In case you are surfing small waves, consider a thinner leash. You will easily catch waves because a thinner leash creates less drag. Even with all these information in mind, you are not guaranteed the best quality surfboard leash if you don’t identify the right shop. The good thing is that many dealers are available online so you can evaluate your options even at the comfort of your home. Once you decide to buy your leash from an online store, look into a few tips to help you make the right choice.

Many people focus a lot on the prices. It goes without mentioning that the prices are determined by a number of factors including the quality of materials used in making the leashes. Besides, every shop has its policy especially when it comes to deliveries. Fortunately, you can see price tags on the site befor you place an order. Don’t forget to read other policies. A return policy provides a framework and procedures to follow in case of an error during processing or shipping. Your surfing experience revolves around many things but the type of the surfboard leash should never be overlooked. The discussion above should help you make an informed decision so you can buy the right leash regardless of your surfing experience.

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